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14 February 2011 @ 07:01 pm
Russian orphanage institution starves their children.  

Every year since 1946 on January18, St. Petersburg celebrates the day of liberation from fascist blockade. January 18th, 1943, blockade has been broken through, and year later, on January 27th, 1944, the city siege on Neva has been completely destroyed.
In our days, a new scandal erupts from Pavlovsk No.4 orphanage. An exhausted orphan named Ilya (on the photo) from this institution was noticed in hospital and photographed by a local woman of Petersburg: Maria Karabanova, who spent few months in Petersburg children’s hospital No.1 with her son, applied to editorial office of “BaltInfo”. The level of neglect of orphan children deeply shocked the woman.

“Children are terribly emaciated –even exhausted. Many of them look like skeletons fitted by skin and are too small for their physical age. Is it possible, that hopeless and sick orphans, depended from people who were putted in charge by the government, can simply starve?” – asks Karabanova.

By making a phone call to children’s hospital No.1, we have been informed, that children from Pavlovsk orphanage No.4 are frequently getting in to hospital. However, doctors refused to inform what exactly causes terrible condition of patients, referring to medical secret.

In the beginning of November, the whole country started talking about Pavlovsk orphanage. Its children wrote the letter to the president of Russia, the representative of the child rights in Petersburg and to the representative of human rights in Russia. Children complained about bad nutrition and insulting behavior.

“We (adolescents) are in rehabilitation branch in the first corp. Rehabilitation is of the closed type. Children here are working as yard keepers and are responsible for either laundry or cooking. They (administration) pay about 500 rubles (16 U.S. dollars) for it. When we want to buy something, we must write an application detailing what things do we want to buy for ourselves. This application is considered by the administration. Purchases of personal things are not allowed. Money and passport are kept as forfeit from us. We are not allowed to go outside without permission. Administration is using our money. Children are working without rest days, carrying heavy cisterns with food. Children literally don't leave the hospital. Cooks, the deputy director and the director steal products. Our meal is only food waste”, - a child has written.

Also children tried to appeal for help in Office of Public Prosecutor, but the director had threatened them- “we will send you in psychiatric hospital and torture with injections”. These facts are also mentioned in the letter.

Sources has informed “BaltInfo” that now in this orphanage a quarantine on a chicken pox is declared, and they don’t let anybody inside. “But actually (it have found out today through Office of Public Prosecutor) quarantine really exists only in 4th case DDI (Elizabethan street, 11)”, - has informed the interlocutor of agency.

. Children Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov says that states of emergency in such institutions occur very often. In Sverdlovsk three children have died from infection caused by bacterium E.coli. In Beryozovka because of a negligence of the nurse the boy has died. Only in Novosibirsk region everything is all right.