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16 February 2011 @ 03:53 pm
Evgenia Hasis: “Why I became a defender of human rights?”  

Definitely, the wave of bloody wahhabit terror that overwhelmed our country and all those things our people have endured in the first and second Chechen campaign, has given influence to our ideology. Thousands of ruined lives, tears of mothers, the first losses of our friends and comrade, terrible shots of beheaded Russian boys in the Chechen Republic, terrible news every day from battlefield of this horrible war could not leave us apathetic.

But it seems another thing was also very important. Our generation had the ability to view a country that was different from today’s Russia. My childhood, as well as the childhood of each of us, has passed solely in another country, in another city. It is always possible to blame policy and economy of that time, but whatever they say, my city was many times “mine” than today. I knew all of my neighbors, and aunt Tania from the top floor, and aunt Olia, and uncle Vitia from the second floor. The courtyard was swept by uncle Tolik, and each watchdog, which wagged their tails in a friendly way, was familiar to me. The house was our house. The house in which it was always desirable to come back, where every face was native – was Moscow.


But then, suddenly the fear began. Fear from tanks that were riding on streets and from uncertainty whether there will be a war or not. Fear for people around and for the relatives. When my father was punched in a head with armature during the conflict, I have understood that human life in our country is worth nothing. Later it become terribly disgusting, when the youth from my street was divided into drug addicts and sportsmen. They lived in different sides of a highway. Later one girl which was on 2 years younger then me, jumped from a roof of the house that was standing on second part of the road, because of the overdose of drugs, which were delivered by foreigners. And with comprehension of adults behavior, that it was only an accident, the anger which has replaced fear has come. And from that moment everything had begun.


Then we shed tears for our soldiers who had died in Chechnya, it is then the explosions of buildings started, Nord-Ost and Beslan also rape and murder crimes against Russians in Moscow, not only in Grozny. And only desperate youths have dared to resist all this accruing horror when at the same moment for adults everything was still an “accident”.

What could I do with it? My duty was and is to support and help these young guys, who dare to challenge this lawlessness. To those who have left fear and give their lives and destinies for rescuing the Native land. I could and I can support and care of those, who have chosen a way of truth and resistance for itself and was sent to prison. Those, who were misunderstood by our cynical society of traitors. Those, who are hated by hundreds yet admired by thousands. At those I look with full of hope that my city once again will become mine. My aim is to help them. It is my way.


I will never renounce from these people, who hasn’t betrayed their idea and friends. And not because I truly support them, but because I know for what they are fighting for “till the end”. Also I know the price which they are paying for the future of our Russian people. I know that they – our last hope. If it isn’t them, Russia would definitively lose. And our children would hardly believe that Moscow once was a Russian city.

Our duty and our debt is to protect the civil and human rights of each Russian person, the right of our Russian people to exist on this Erath. On the Earth which has got to us as an inheritance from our ancestors. Russian people should believe that they have rights on their land to this county, to this city, and they are worth to struggle for it.